PERFORMED: @YOU , Natsuki Iijima, Misaki Asou
  Haruka You, Yuumi Uehara
  Megu Hayasaka, Meina, Yukina Aoyama
  Yuuki Kondou, Kira Okamoto, An Uzuki
  Waka Sugita, Hina Tachibana
  Madoka Ayukawa,Ami Hirano,
  Biwa Furutachi
CATOGERY: Popular Actress, Busty Boobs, 3-Some
  Outdoor, Swimpoor....
RELEASEDATE: 2008-04-13
Trip of Lifetime with 16 huge boobs actresses!

The male participants wait to pick their number for their gals, but as they wait, they only can gaze on the huge breasts on these gals.

The host of this bus ride is Natsuki Iijima and @you, which are Japan's lovely tit gals. As they start their trip in the bus, ladies and gentlemen pair up and have fun and games involving sex. In the back seats, you'll get to see the pair having sex, the females giving blowjobs and boob jobs as they travel to their destination.


The new super collection of pornographic games! Amazing pleasure if you win!

Are you ready to get wet?! After they arrive to the spot, the participants eat lunch after their exhausting bus ride, but after lunch they go straight to the pool for more fun and games. In the pool, the gals in skimpy bikini play a game of picking up messages at the bottom of the pool. If they win, they are going to get a surprising pleasure.

The winning ladies get the prize of men bring sticky lubricant oils to massage them all over the body. After oiling the girls, the men have their own prize by having sex with them.


Alone in the wet hot bath! Single action is also good!

This movie is really exhausting, and after the fun and games are over, it's time to relax in the hot bath… but wait, it's not over yet! In the hot bath, we sense the male participants and the female participants' real desire.

These horny people want to have more sex! While washing their lover's body, they make passionate love in the hot bath. After their wash, each pair goes into their own individual rooms to have more sex!


Let the game continue! The wet-wet group sex: today's main event!

After a long day of sex activities, the participants wake up next morning with satisfying faces. These people are still sex hungry and wanting more action. The hosts prepare a treat for them and as they gather in the large hall.

The girls are order to bend down and the partners to kneel behind them. The guys get to fuck them in doggy style and while females have orgasms. At the end of the day, it comes down to having most passionate sex with their partners, which each individual pairs goes to their separate space and have 1 on 1 sex. This movie is sizzling hot, and you'll get more than what you expected in a 3 hours and 30 minute movie!