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April 2013
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AV Actress Saya Koi

Saya Koi

Birthday: 1987-10-10
Height: 158 CM
Blood Type: A
Body Measurement: 88-60-88
Cup Size: E Cup
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
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Actress Summary:
This exotic sexy Japanese princess will blossom very soon. Many have noticed her sexual appealing body, and her movies are just as amazing. Her debut movie "New Comer´╝ü Saya Koi" has been one of the most downloaded but also most favored for many men. Her seductive body and cool look make the man's heart ache. Her sense of smartness for a new face allows herself to use different facial expressions and characters. She is expected to be active in various fields in the future, so keep your eye on her!
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Saya Koi
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Saya Koi
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Saya Koi
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Saya Koi
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Saya Koi
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First Ideapocket - Saya Koi Feature Date: 2007-11-02 To 2007-12-02
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Featured Actress:
Saya Koi
This exotic sexy Japanese princess will blossom very soon. Many have noticed her sexual appealing body, and her movies are just as amazing. Her debut movie "New Comer? Saya Koi" has been one of the most downloaded but also most favored for many men. Her seductive body and cool look make the man's heart ache. Her sense of smartness for a new face allows herself to use different facial expressions and characters. She is expected to be active in various fields in the future, so keep your eye on her!
One of the new HOT AV actresses, here is Saya Koi’s interview. Read an interesting interview about how she got started in this line of work.

Interviewer: How did you get into this line of work Saya?
Saya Koi:
I was in a theme park with my friends, and a scout came and asked me if I was interested to hear what he had to say.

Interviewer: So you decided to listen to him?
Saya: Actually, no. I told him I was here for fun and I’m not interested, but later that day, I found out he was stalking me through out the whole park, so I gave in. It was kind of wild to have someone following you like that.

Interviewer: So you found him stalking you exciting? Not scared?
Saya: Not really scared, because when he first approached me, he looked so innocent and kind. I thought he was trying to ask me out or something at first. If he did ask me that, I think I would have said yes. (Laughs)

Interviewer: Speaking of being popular with guys, aren't you popular with foreigners?
Saya: Not really (laughs). Oh, but I did meet this middle aged French guy in Tahiti that wanted to take me back to France. But I was going out with a French pilot at the time so…

Interviewer: Sorry to interrupt you, but how old were you? You seem quite young to go out and be at Tahiti, and especially with a French pilot.
Saya: I went with a friend when I was 16 as an exchange student, but I fell in love with the French man. A lot of foreigners were very kind to me there.

Interviewer: Hey, so you are popular (laughs). Do they go like "Je t'aime! Mon amoure"!? to try to pick you up?
Saya: (Laughs) They are really good at setting the right atmosphere. The moods are just perfect at whatever it is they set up. It's very beautiful...something I can't say for Japanese men.

Interviewer: Well, Japanese men are more like the silent supporter type. So, what happened in the end?
Saya: The day I had to go back was also the day he had to return to France. I wanted to go with him...but it wasn't a really a realistic option, with money and all.

Interviewer: You could've used that middle-aged guy to take you to France and then run away.
Saya: Ah, you're right (laughs). But it's still a beautiful memory in my mind. I couldn't get myself to ask his address but I did ask for his e-mail address, which he told me he didn't have. That's when I figured that separating here was fate.

Interviewer: Do you still love him?
Saya: I always carry his picture with me. I want to go to France one of these days. I know if we're fated to be together if I see him again.

Interviewer: There are quite a lot of girls that just go after foreign men, but it sounds like you take a more romantic approach.
Saya: That's what's I'm all about. I don't play around too much nor do I have sex with anyone that tries to pick me up. I tend to have long relationships. I lost my virginity in high school and I continued to go out with the guy for a couple of years.

Interviewer: You never cheated on your boyfriend?
Saya: Not during high school...though the fact that he was my sex partner might have to do with it. I usually don't go out with guys that look really cool. I go for men who have a nice personality, like someone that I could admire so that makes it hard to cheat on them. The guy I gave my virginity to was the same age as me but he had small eyes and he looked really gentle when he laughed (laughs).

Interviewer: Sounds like a friendly guy. So people like that are your ideal type?
Saya: That's hard to say since all the guys I've ever gone out with are like that (laughs). That and they all had lots of male friends and took the friendship seriously.

Interviewer: I think that's important too. Guys that tend to have a lot of friends are usually nice people to be with. So how many men have you had relationships in total?
Saya: It's usually the "guy asks girl out and the girl slowly falls in love with guy" pattern. The times it was the other way around didn't end too well. I do everything I can for the guy but in the end I just get played and get dumped. I never realize it until people around me tell me what's happening (laughs).

Interviewer: Are they usually men that are older or already married?
Saya: They tend to me older men that I admire. There was one who was already married. They usually tend to be men that take a long time to like but once you do, you don't want to let go.

Interviewer: This sounds a bit familiar. They do say that getting a girl like a tug of war, with the whole point being to just give them enough so that they want more (laughs).
Saya: Oh come on (laughs). But given that I have experience with long distance relationships and being a mistress, I might actually like relationships that are hard to succeed in.

Interviewer: I see. Just like the case with the French pilot.
Saya: I guess it is, now that you mention it. (laughs)

Interviewer: After looking at your debut video I got the impression that you were into a really perverted girl even in your private life. Did you have a lot of interest in sex before you lost your virginity?
Saya: Not really. I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend after going out with him for about 3 months, but I was more afraid of sex more than anything else until then. There weren't too many girls I knew that had sex experience, so I guess I was more worried than interested.

Interviewer: How did you feel after doing it for the first time?
Saya: "Damn, so I finally ended up doing it" (laughs). It's not that I was satisfied with my sex experience, but I was just satisfied that I did get through with it in one piece. I mean, it didn't hurt all that much like everyone said it does.

Interviewer: When did you realize that having sex was a good thing?
Saya: My boyfriend at the time was also a virgin until then but he was really interested in sex so, my guess is that he watched a lot of AVs or something, but anyway, we ended up trying a lot of things together. I think he was quite a big of a pervert now that I think about it (laughs).

Interviewer: So you did blindfolding and getting tied up!
Saya: I don't know how but he had a pair of handcuffs (laughs). He blindfolded me a lot too. That and doing it outside. We'd do it in the parking lot or by the beach shore. A vibrator was too expensive so he bought a massager for me. Maybe that's why I got into sex so quickly.

Interviewer: So as time passed you got used to accepting handcuffs and blindfolding as part of your normal sex life?
Saya: That's why I was so taken back when I started seeing someone else. I realized how different it was from person to person. It's all my first boyfriend's fault that I ended up like this (laughs).

Interviewer: When was your first orgasm?
Saya: That was also during when I was seeing my first boyfriend. Maybe about a year after I lost my virginity. Sex felt good until then, but it wasn't until then that I felt electricity run through my body. That and it felt like something was about to force itself out my body. It was amazing.

Interviewer: Nice! Exactly what I expected from you (laughs). It's people like you that should become AV directors.
Saya: It was after that I started to take an aggressive stand towards sex. That habit of mine popped up during the second tape I did. Starting from the middle of the shooting I started ordering the guys around to do this and that. I want the same treatment too though. I want guys to tell me if I'm doing it properly or not.

Interviewer: They do say that sex is the prime way for men and women to communicate.
Saya: That's the sex of sex I like. I like to get the feeling that I'm learning a secret about my partner than sex a physical connection.

Interviewer: I can't get the thought that you were born for AVs out of my head.
Saya: It was a world that I knew nothing about but I started getting interested in it after I got scouted and listened to the scout. I have a complex about the fact that my skin is too weak for makeup. A small part of the reason I decided to do AVs is because I thought that maybe I would gain more confidence about my body as I did more AVs.

Interviewer: Do you have any reservations about other people seeing you having sex?
Saya: None. I was tense when I had to strip for the first time but I was perfectly fine when the shoot started. I always somehow manage to hide my tension when I'm under pressure ever since I was little so...the director actually got angry with me for that. He told me that I should be tenser since it is my first time (laughs). When the shooting starts the only thing I can see is the camera and the actors in with me. I'm rather surprised by how well I'm doing it myself. That and the fact that I can't act to save my life.

Interviewer: It's been 6 months since your debut. What does doing AVs mean for you?
Saya: Something that is worth doing. Something that has positive value. I found out many things about myself that I didn't know before and I feel a lot more confident about myself than I was before.

Interviewer: Not surprising given the sales figures for your videos.
Saya: When the publishers told me what they were aiming for at first, I felt the need to live up to their expectations so I think I worked harder than what was needed. I want to be thought of as being capable of even more. You can probably tell that I hate to lose.

Interviewer: Here’s one question from your fan “Would you try hardcore Movies such as SM?”
Saya: That sounds like fun (laughs). I want to try SM that's a bit more hardcore. I did it once before with a candle and that felt really good.. I find myself enjoying pain a lot more nowadays.

Interviewer:You're starting to sound really masochistic...
Saya: I know. But I don't suddenly want to go into hardcore SM right away though. I want to slowly ease myself into it. I felt the feeling that doing it all at once will just be too much for me to handle. I want to enjoy the process of me become a true masochist slowly.
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