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April 2013
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AV Actress Ann Nanba

Ann Nanba

Birthday: 1984-03-07
Height: 154 CM
Blood Type: O
Body Measurement: 87-60-87
Cup Size: E Cup
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
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Ann Nanba
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Updated: 2008-02-04
Interviewer: As being one of the top Jav Idols in Moodyz within the actresses, how do you feel about it?
Ann: In Moodyz, we all try work hard together to make the best films for our viewers, so I am honored to be one of the favorite idols.

Interviewer: You’re being modest; you have made over hundred movies so far haven’t you?
Ann: Yes, because I need the money. I do tend to get a lot of offers to be in the movies though..

Interviewer: How were you as a child? What was your beginning for this career?
Ann: Well as a student in high school, I was very outgoing. I didn’t cover up and even though some girls were wearing their skirts long. I was always comfortable with shorter skirts.

Interviewer: You wore it shorter than other girls when you were in high school?
Ann: Oh yeah. And I wore panties that it was OK to see. Some girls would cover up with bags on the stairs, but I felt if you didn't want to be seen, don't wear it that short.
Interviewer: You were a real street girl.
Ann: But with this face, you know. If I would show up at a family restaurant to study with friends and I was not in my uniform, the waitress would ask me if I needed an ashtray.
Interviewer: You have lost weight since you debuted, haven't you?
Ann: I was so busy last year, I collapsed from exhaustion. I didn't even have the strength to eat. I took some medicine for a month to gain weight that says not to use more than a week.
Interviewer: You look fine today, though. Today's studio is in the suburbs and the air is clean. Lots of bugs, though. You OK with that?
Ann: Uh huh. I can catch cockroaches. If I hold out my hand, they will crawl right on.
Interviewer: Wow, that's deep!
Ann: I got used to them working at a bakery. If you see one, there are thousands hiding where you can't see them.
Interviewer: I don't think I can eat bread after hearing that.
Ann: There was one in the bread once, too. An angry customer brought it in.
Interviewer: I don't think our readers will be eating bread, either. You are tougher than some guys, even though you don't look like one. How many videos have you been in?
Ann: I lost count, but one of the movies at the beginning still have some bad memories. That was after I collapsed and had to take time off. I got fevers and felt bad at the worst times, on the weekend (laughs). I called the emergency number to find out if there were any hospitals open on the weekend. When they asked me what my temperature was, I truthfully said 41 degrees (105 degrees Fahrenheit). The next thing I heard was "we'll send an ambulance right away!" Did you know that if you call on a cell phone, you can't hang up until the ambulance arrives?
Interviewer: Say, what got you into the business?
Ann: It must have been after I was robbed. My underwear was taken, and even my clothes and shoes. I think it was a stalker. My money was taken too. I didn't even have enough money to move. Then I remembered that I had been scouted a few times.
Interviewer: Are you stalked often?
Ann: Yeah. The apartment had automatic locks, but they can like slip in the elevator with someone to get in. I have been running into perverts since I was in junior high.
Interviewer: You must be emitting pheromones that attract stalkers. So how was your start?
Ann: I thought that it would just be photographs for a magazine. I asked the director what magazine it was for and everyone was in shock. He told me it was a video shoot, and then it was my turn to be in shock. I didn't have time to prepare myself mentally. I wasn't sure I could do it with a guy I didn't like. Even the size of the camera was shocking.
Interviewer: And before you knew it, 100 plus movies has passed.
Ann: I guess it has been that long. I haven't had any time off for a long time.
Interviewer: Your popularity is sure on the rise.
Ann: I think that is unusual. I hear that your popularity usually rises fast then it starts to sink.
Interviewer: But it seems that there are more girls fitting your pattern lately.
Ann: I really intended to quit after I paid back the money I borrowed to move. I started for the money, but then I realized that my work turned into something of substance like when I was doing the photos and videos. But I do think about quitting when I get worn out from work.
Interviewer: You must be trying too hard if you get that worn out.
Ann: That's what they tell me. I don't realize it until I have reached my limits. At a different job, I was coughing up blood and they still said to hurry back because they were understaffed.
Interviewer: What do you think about your work now?
Ann: Sometimes I do think about just doing photos. But some say I am too skinny. Then I worry and lose even more weight.
Interviewer: You pay too much attention to what others say.
Ann: I pretend I don't notice. But I really do.
Interviewer: There are people in this business who will say anything. But they don't really mean it. So, do you like the present or how things were in the past?
Ann: I think things are good now.
Interviewer: You were cute when you debuted. But you have matured into a fine woman now.
Ann: That's a nice way to put it. Some just say I look older. I was mistaken for a college student when I was in junior high. I was scouted all the time when I was still in high school (laughs).
Interviewer: I think you’re beautiful as you are. Anyhow, we have used all our time for this interview. Thank you Ms. Nanba for your participation and we (the fans) appreciate your hard dedicated work.
Ann: Thank you. I will work my best to bring the fans the best movies. 
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