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April 2013
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AV Actress Arisa Kanno

Arisa Kanno

Birthday: 1983-12-09
Height: 160 CM
Blood Type: A
Body Measurement: 86-56-83
Cup Size: C Cup
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
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Actress Summary:
Being lesbian to being a school girl, Arisa has done it all. In her movies, Arisa tend to act innocent until she gets banged, then her wild side is shown. Arisa is an AV idol that is perfect for cosplay sex style and you don't want to miss her act. Watch her movies now!
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  • Interview

Interviewer: You love to start in many cosplay movies don’t you?
Arisa: Well it does sell well and I do enjoy being in them.

Interviewer: How do you act so innocent but so naughty at the same time?
Arisa: Well, I try to be the (innocent but wild) person in the movies. I remember, when I was in high school, I was always trying to act innocent in front of the boys but that wasn’t the real me.

Interviewer: So what was the real you?
Arisa: (Laughs) I had a boyfriend in grade 11 and we practically did everything.

Interviewer: Everything? What do you mean by that?
Arisa: Well, we would have sex for about 6 hours straight and sometimes we would watch porn at his parent’s room and try to follow it.
Interviewer: What?! In his parent’s room? Were they there with you guys?
Arisa: Of course not, but that was the only place where we could watch porn lying on the bed.
Interviewer: So tell us your horny high school adventures.
Arisa: I wouldn’t call it adventures, (Laughs) but it was wild. I would have multiple boyfriends at one point and they all knew that I was seeing other guys. I guess they just wanted my body and they didn’t care.
Interviewer: Which was fine with you right?
Arisa: Of course, I had gone out with a guy for 3 years and it was boring. I just wanted to take things easy and not get too serious.
Interviewer: How do you relate you experience in high school to the work you do now?
Arisa: It’s the same. I get to fuck many guys but now I get paid to do it! (Laughs)
Interviewer: That’s awesome. It’s like a dream job that came true.
Arisa: Yeah, it’s really fun working with so many nice people and to do it while it is so fun, that’s a bonus.
Interviewer: Back tracking to my first question, I have asked you that you have many cosplay or student style of AV movies. Why is that? Did you pick those on purpose?
Arisa: Well, at first, I didn’t really think of doing student and cosplay acts, but some how things lead to another. I have had many positive views on the types of the cosplay I have acted; so many roles were handed to me for those types of movies.
Interviewer: Oh! How about your lesbian style movies? How did you get into that?
Arisa: That’s a long story. Well SOD came up to my manager and asked that they would like to have me starting in a lesbian flick, so me and some of my friends had a talk and with that it lead me to become a lesbian. (Laughs)
Interviewer: So are you lesbian by heart or are you just acting?
Arisa: Lesbian by heart? Well I love the girls and they are really good in sex, but I love my cocks better. (Laughs) I love the feel of real veins touching my vagina, not the dildos.
Interviewer: Thank god, because the guys were getting worried that you’ll never do guy-girl movies.
Arisa: Never! I love penis and would not live without it! (Laughs)
Interviewer: Well I know this has been a short interview, but I think you have been an awesome guest and you have answered every question in full truth. Thank you and I hope we’ll get the chance again to talk to each other.
Arisa: Thank you and to everyone, watch my movie “School Girl Imprisoned”, it’s coming soon!
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