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April 2013
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AV Actress Tina Yuzuki

Tina Yuzuki

Birthday: 1986-10-29
Height: 154 CM
Blood Type: A
Body Measurement: 84-58-83
Cup Size: C Cup
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
  • Currently 4.23/5
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Actress Summary:
Tina Yuzuki, born in Oct 29th 1986 is half-Portugese and half-Japanese AV Actress. Tina is now considered as one of the most beautiful actress and in 2006 AV Grand Prix in Tokyo, she won Best New Actress award.
Official Blog: Tina Yuzuki's Blog
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Tina Yuzuki
38 pictures
Updated: 2009-10-30
Tina Yuzuki
42 pictures
Updated: 2009-10-30
Tina Yuzuki
100 pictures
Updated: 2009-06-19
Tina Yuzuki
99 pictures
Updated: 2008-02-11
Tina Yuzuki
48 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Tina Yuzuki
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Updated: 2007-03-22
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Tina Yuzuki has changed her stage name to Rio and is back in the action! With her AV friends in Max-A, Calen presents the most beautiful girls in their company. This movie shows a lot of banging from Rio and when the actors finger her slightly, she squirts! At the end of the movie, there's a light threesome bondage scene where Rio's hands are tide with plastic strings, but the sex is hot!
Max Girl Merry Christmas! Feature Date: 2009-12-16 To 2010-01-13
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Tis' the time for sharing and giving and SexAsian18.com wants to share this amazing holiday themed movie with these lovely girls. To name a few, this amazing movie features very popular girls such as Tina (Rio) Yuzuki, Rio Fujisaki and Haruka Ichikawa but also new faces such as Ameri Ichinose, Shiori Haduki and Arisu Ozawa who are starting off with bright start in their career. Watch these girls have solo acts and entice you with mind blowing blow jobs and masturbation! Enjoy the show and SexAsian18.com wishes everyone Merry Christmas and happy new year!
My young wife Rio Feature Date: 2009-02-27 To 2009-03-06
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Featured Actress:
Tina Yuzuki
One of my favorite actress has released another movie and in this one, she performs as a housewife. Rio is devoted to her husband and with her devotion, she would do any sex favors for him. Devious father in law also has his plans of getting his hands on poor Rio and he scores! Tina Yuzuki looks really adorable and in this movie, there's no disappointment.
Max Girls' Movie Series Feature Date: 2008-06-10 To 2008-07-10
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Max-A collection of hot Japanese AV actresses is treat to all AV lovers. These movies feature short scenes of all the hot names in the business with amazing one on one fucks. Ranging from Tina Yuzuki (Rio), Takako Kitahara, Miyu Hoshino and much more, these movies cannot be missed. The types of genre in these movies are pretty standard with blowjobs that will blow your mind and hardcore penetration scenes to make you real horny.
Endless Ecstasy Fuck Feature Date: 2007-10-24 To 2007-10-31
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Tina Yuzuki
Tina Yuzuki has changed her stage name to Rio and is back in the action! With her AV friends in Max-A, Calen presents the most beautiful girls in their company. This movie shows a lot of banging from Rio and when the actors finger her slightly, she squirts! At the end of the movie, there's a light threesome scene where Rio's hands are tide with plastic strings, but the sex is hot!
Since last month with the new debuted actresses, we have the astonishing Tina Yuzuki who has climbed to our fame meter. I’m wondering if my news is getting old, but let’s see how this interview goes.

Interviewer: Debuting on last November, Tina you have became one of the favorites.
How are things going for you now with a photo book already?
Tina: Everything is unreal, I currently shot 4 new movies and everything has been a blast.

Interviewer: Didn’t things get a little hyped? I mean, before and after you started to do AV, weren’t there things in you mind that said “Hey, this isn’t right…”
Tina: You’re right about that. It was different from what I had impression of the business, but actually it’s the opposite. I love it more that I have been apart what it is now.

Interviewer: You’re specialty is is Portuguese what with that. Flimsy?
Tina: Well because my mother is Portuguese, I have learn the language since I was a little kid and I’m still fluent at it.
Interviewer: Is it hard being bilingual? Since you need to memorize two whole different languages. How do you express it in Japanese and Portuguese?
Tina: It’s the same. (Laughing)
Interviewer: So?
Tina: It just comes natural to me.
Interviewer: How were you first photo shoot? Weren’t you shy?
Tina: Well at first I was, but since it was repeated many times, I got bored very fast. 
Interviewer: With your debut coming out, it’s so enormous. Media is going all the way to promote this and how do you feel about it.
Tina: I’m still in the air, I’m observing my potentials and copying (of the dvds) takes time. It will first feature with Sawayama.
Interviewer: How many shots did you do for each scene?
Tina: About 2 shots in 1 day.
Interviewer: That is enormous.
Tina: In addition to the new actresses that entered the industry, I’m really thrilled.
Interviewer: You look so innocent and pure. How did you really get in to the industry? Were you scouted?
Tina: Yes I was, but I was more focused on the modeling not doing any AV.
I had to talk to many of my friends and finally me and my friends agreed follow this path of life.
Interviewer: It must take all your energy doing the photo shoot and the movies.
How do you cope with time and the will power?
Tina: Daily routine. I try to focus on what I do and that helps me a lot
Interviewer: How was your first public appearance?
Tina: Everything was normal. People treated me with everyone else and that got me feeling much better. Although the equipments for the movies were kind of scary (Laughs)
Interviewer: So you’re a natural performer.
Tina: Well you can say that, but it also comes with hard effort to stay focus.
Interviewer: Well it is always tough in the beginning. So when was you first experience and how many times did you do after that?
Tina: At the time I was 16 years old with the boy that was in the same grade as me.
We did it just outside of my house, since we couldn’t get into the house.
Interviewer: So there went your high school affairs.
Tina: Yeah (Laughs)
Interviewer: How was your first time? Did it feel good or did it hurt?                 
Tina: Although it was painful at first. I loved it. I kept e-mailing him after.
I guess I got hooked. (With sex)
Interviewer: Everyone says that. I guess you have met the right man.
How did he reply when you keep mailing him?
Tina: We did it many times after. Whether in school sports bench or the baseball dugout. We even tried doing standing up. Although it was painful.
Interviewer: It’s so exciting to hear this from a high schooler. Giving us straight forward answers without hiding anything. I love that about you.
Tina: I don’t think it’s abnormal. Since I wasn’t the only one doing it.
Everyone was doing it at the time and I was one of them.
Interviewer: So how many after that person?
Tina: 5 that I can count.
Interviewer: So even in your high school years you already had 5 men in bed?
Tina: Yeah (Laughing)
Interviewer: How did you father react to this when you were getting into this industry?
Tina: He doesn’t mind since he is a pervert himself. (Laughing)
Interviewer: So your father encouraged you to do this?
Tina: He didn’t actually encourage me, but supported me for doing what I wanted to do.
Interviewer: How about the actors? How did you find them?
Tina: They are amazing. I learned stuff I have never felt in my life and it was just sensational.
Interviewer: So you’re going with the flow.
Tina: Haha. Well being born with sensitive private part,
I was cumming 3 to 4 times a shot and you knew people were excited.
Interviewer: As for clitoris area?
Tina: Well I cannot explain but the actors just know how to get you going. They are like gods of sex.
Interviewer: So it was the actors that gets you so excited in the film.
Tina: Yeah and even after the shot I go out with them for tea and some snack. They are real people with extraordinary skills.
Interviewer: Well it’s a good start Tina and you are a natural who will blossom in this industry. Keep working hard and you’ll make it to the top.
Tina: When will that be? (Laughing) Thank you so much for the time.
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