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April 2013
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AV Actress Takako Kitahara

Takako Kitahara

Birthday: 1985-12-06
Height: 163 CM
Blood Type: O
Body Measurement: 90-60-90
Cup Size: F Cup
Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
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Actress Summary:
Takako is really beautiful and has a top-notch figure complimented with a pair of sexy lips. She is now a blooming star amongst the AV actresses and with the pair of F-Cup, many more fame will be there for her.
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Takako Kitahara
16 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Takako Kitahara
65 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Takako Kitahara
96 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Takako Kitahara
42 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Takako Kitahara
51 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
Takako Kitahara
41 pictures
Updated: 2007-03-22
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Please pay attention to this lovely young woman who has come from Kanagawa, Japan to entice the man’s sexual adventure.
As the new decade peaks into our horizon, this natural F-Cup bust actress bring us the new meaning of AV in our life.

Interviewer: Since the last time of your debut, you have been very busy with gravure  photos and movies haven’t you?
Takako:  Haha, yeah with these new jobs, it’s going great!

Interviewer: Didn’t you get hangover after last night’s party? Do you drink normally after your day off?
Takako:  Drinking is not what I enjoy but it gets so tiring so I drink to relax myself.

Interviewer: Yesterday, you drank so much; can you even remember what happened?
Takako:  Well I usually only drink white wine but I had mixed of red wine as well, so it was really bad, but I’m always focused and not way too drunk.
Interviewer: White wine? Perhaps you like the taste of Japanese traditional sake.
Takako:  Well Sake can become very dangerous and I try to advoid drinking it. I have bad memories of drinking sake so it’s not my type of drink.
Interviewer: Be real with me, you look like a person that can handle her drink or two.
Takako:  Nono, I can’t (Laughing)
Interviewer: It’s a shame. Well what do you do when you off with free time?      
Takako:  Just as normal people. My sleeping habit change, due to over sleeping. Yesterday I had to do my laundry as well as house cleaning.
Interviewer: You seem so busy.
Takako:  I try my best, but as you can see, sleeping is a big part of my life. I cannot function well with out any sleep.
Interviewer: Do you change as a person when you do not sleep?
Takako:  Yeah, I change without thinking properly.
Interviewer: You have taken 5 gravure  photos and some movies. How was it and tell us your experience.
Takako:  Haha. It was a blast.
Interviewer: You have taken 6 shots on your debut?
Takako:  Yeah since July to April I have been very busy.
Interviewer: So it’s almost been a year. Any new movies out from you?
Takako:  Yeah, I have many out now. (Laughing)
Interviewer: Does the on-spot coverage make you shy or any different from other shoots?
Takako:  As for the gravure photo shoots, it’s so relaxing and enjoyable, but for the movies, it has a lot of tension and will power to finish them    
Interviewer: I’m collecting your movies and photo shoots. You first debuted with Max-A. A movie called Only One?
Takako:  Yeah and it was one of the most memorable movies for me, since it was my first.
Interviewer: How do you feel now? Are you still new to this?
Takako:  Some what it feels new. The gravure photos are what get me motivated. I don’t want this to end in all a big bang. I want this to last.
Interviewer: You have recently made a new gravure photo haven’t you?
Takako:  Yes I have. Photo shoot these days have themes to it. Where the viewers can enjoy more by participating as well. They can vision me right beside them with my half nude body (Laughs)
Interviewer: Do you have collections of yourself?
Takako:  I don’t really collect my photos but in my neighborhood there’s this one store I go to. They have all my works and that’s where I go to see them.
Interviewer: With you AV name, it really stands out. It’s like a sandwich with lettuce and tomato. With out them, you fell dull.
Takako:  Do you really think so? I’m glad because I want to be the spice and sweetness when people look at me. I want them to say “Wow, she’s unique!” instead of “Wow, she’s beautiful”
Interviewer: As a person to person, can you describe you first photo shoot?
Takako:  It’s like everyone’s first exciting memory. Mine was different because I came when I was taking the photo shoot.
Interviewer: Did you got oversea to take the photos?
Takako:  Haha. Yeah we went to Saipan to take it
Interviewer: Was it your first experience overseas? Did you do a lot of shopping?
Takako:  Haha. Well I was intrigued because everything there was cheap. I went overboard and bought too much stuff to bring back.
Interviewer: Brand name items are cheap as well.
Takako:  It is really cheap. You don’t even realize what you’re buying even after you bought them.
Interviewer: After all, you’re a woman aren’t you?
Takako:  Exactly.
Interviewer: Everyone says that once in their life time don’t they?
Takako:  Well I don’t mind. Sometimes people don’t speak when they are inhaling. So it’s all good.
Interviewer: Even way too often?
Takako:  I guess it’s the time and area. It all depends
Interviewer: Are you lonely sometimes?
Takako:  Haha. I do not feel lonely. I’m very independent.
Interviewer: Well depends on the woman. Some people feel so lonely that they have to communicate with others all the time.
Takako:  Well I do get lonely sometimes but, I do something to keep myself busy. Like playing with accessories and etc.
Interviewer: Is it sexy toys?
Takako:  Haha. (Laughing)
Interviewer: So it is?
Takako:  Well at first, it was very interesting, but later it got troublesome so I didn’t use them.
Interviewer: Well I’ll let you go with this lie, but when was your first experience with it?
Takako:  When I was 16 with a friend of mine.
Interviewer: He or she?
Takako:  Well both. It was my first experience and with 2 other people. I had actually done most of the things on my first experience.     
Interviewer: So how did you feel?
Takako:  Well, it’s not what I had in mind, but after it was finished, I still felt unsatisfied.
Interviewer: Well, you have to give them credit. It’s not like they are professionals at first.
Takako:  Haha. Of course.
Interviewer: Do you still have that inner fire inside you?
Takako:  I do think about it occasionally, but with the photo graph, nothing gets me more excited.
Interviewer: Going with the flow.
Takako:  Photo graphs do not change. It’s all same and I like about that. Going with the flow? I guess so.
Interviewer: Some people do not like changes, are you one of them?
Takako:  Especially me. I like to keep things as it is.
Interviewer: So when was your first experience
Takako:  My real actual experience was when I was 19. Before that it was all third base stuff.
Interviewer: Speaking of which, didn’t you feel urge to just jump on the boys and let you ride them? It’s pretty long for a girl to stay on third base for 3 years.   
Takako:  Haha. Well I just didn’t get the chance.
Interviewer: Are there any addition to that?
Takako:  Hmm? Addition? Well I like hard cocks. (Laughs)
Interviewer: It is so.
Takako:  Well as for the sex. I love it and I do not want to miss a thing. I hope the viewers love me as I am and I promise I’ll bring them what they desire.
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