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April 2013
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AV Actress Risa Coda

Risa Coda

Birthday: 1985-10-10
Height: 163 CM
Blood Type: B
Body Measurement: 82-58-84
Cup Size: C Cup
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
  • Currently 2.79/5
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Actress Summary:
Risa Coda is one of Hottest AV actress in Japan. When most of the other JAV actresses focuses on innocence and purity, Risa expose and express her wilderness through her photobook and movies.
Official Blog: Risa Coda's Blog
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Risa Coda
118 pictures
Updated: 2008-03-17
Risa Coda
90 pictures
Updated: 2008-02-25
Risa Coda
39 pictures
Updated: 2007-10-16
Interviewer: Hey folks, here we have Risa Coda, who was chosen for Excellence Awards for “Model Grand Prix” awards. I am honored to have you here Ms. Coda.
Risa: Thank you, and I am as well.
Interviewer: So I’ll get straight to the questioning if you don’t mind. Ms. Coda, so now are you used to video work now?
Risa: Not yet. I am more used to photo shoots still because they are easier.
Interviewer: I guess you could say that. I assume that video work is physically tiring.
Risa: It's like I am moving all day long.
Interviewer: How was your first time doing it on video?
Risa: To tell the truth, I thought it would be something really spectacular, but it was pretty normal.
Interviewer: Hey, hey. Just normal?
Risa: I thought that the staff would be scary and make me do some hard things.
Interviewer: A lot of new girls say that. It wasn't that way after all?
Risa: Yeah. The director and the actor were nice people.
Interviewer: So, when was your first time losing your virginity?
Risa: When I was 18.
Interviewer: Now, that is recent!
Risa: It was my third year in high school. Really late for girls nowadays.
Interviewer: You thought you were the only virgin left?
Risa: I’m not sure, I think some were still, but when I actually did it, it was nothing special.
Interviewer: It didn't feel good or hurt?
Risa: No, not at all. It didn't hurt or feel good...
Interviewer: Kinda like you just had a piece of meat between your legs?
Risa: Ah, ha ha....
Interviewer: So, how many guys have you been with since then?
Risa: Fifteen.
Interviewer: In just couple of years from loosing your virginity. From a novice to semi-pro.
Risa: But it is all normal.
Interviewer: Tell us your technique for getting so many guys so fast.
Risa: All sorts of ways. Parties and from my part time job.
Interviewer: From work? Was it the guys you had been interested in for a while?
Risa: It was just like we all go out after work and it ends up that way.
Interviewer: So, you find it hard to resist in that situation?
Risa: I just fall for them when I’m in the mood. Just like falling in love with the mood.
Interviewer: Like a drive to see the night lights?
Risa: Yeah, yeah! If it has black light interior and moody music, I will fall every time.
Interviewer: What about car sex?
Risa: I did it once. But it wasn't very much fun.
Interviewer: Do you ever just want to do it without the entire mood making?
Risa: Not when I am with someone. But I get that way when lonely by myself.
Interviewer: So you would go after a guy if you’re in the mood?
Risa: I would do anything to get him.
Interviewer: Really? How would you do it?
Risa: To start with, I would get us together for dinner or something. Then we would conveniently miss the last train home.
Interviewer: Oh. “The last train” strategy? Your success rate is 100% when sex is all you want!
Risa: Hah hah! No no!
Interviewer: So, what do you do when you get to his place?
Risa: I say that I would sleep on the sofa, but eventually we would get in that kind of mood.
Interviewer: Are you passive, or mostly aggressive?
Risa: It depends on what the guy wants.
Interviewer: Which one do you like?
Risa: To tell the truth, I don't like having a guy in me much. It is OK at the beginning, but I don't like it if it takes too long. I like it if he comes fast.
Interviewer: You don't like it too long, but there is something lacking if he cums too fast?
Risa: Actually, I like the foreplay and the massaging afterwards. So if he takes his time with foreplay, it is OK to cum early.
Interviewer: How about when you are on the attack? Was your first time you sucked a cock the first guy you were with?
Risa: I didn't know how to do it. So I had him teach me how it would feel good.
Interviewer: What the heck is that?
Risa: It was like a lesson every time we did it. Sex Education for all types of positions. Like "Next, you get on top."
Interviewer: I can see that.
Risa: But then there was "Move more violently" and "Huh? I don't understand!" It was all a lesson.
Interviewer: You had conversation like that in the middle of sex?
Risa: Yeah. No mood. No nothing.
Interviewer: What other kinds of courses did you have?
Risa: Well, he taught me how to masturbate.
Interviewer: You showed each other your masturbation?
Risa: No. He said that I can't cum because I don't masturbate. He gave me homework like masturbating until I came.
Interviewer: But it was really that he wasn't that good, right?
Risa: Really a bore.
Interviewer: So, did you have to give a report on your masturbation?
Risa: He didn't say "Show me" or anything. But, he encouraged me to keep it up.
Interviewer: Wow. He said all he wanted. Was there anything else?
Risa: Just sucking his cock when driving.
Interviewer: While driving? That sounds dangerous.
Risa: It happened in the middle of the afternoon. It was a date and we were in the mood, and he said he had a hard on so he asked me to suck him off.
Interviewer: So you sucked a guy's dick in the car?
Risa: He said that it was perfectly normal. So I stuck my head down under the handle and gobbled him right up.
Interviewer: Far from it. So, what did you do when he came?
Risa: He came in my mouth.
Interviewer: It must have been obvious that busses and big cars were around you.
Risa: I had his member covered with my mouth. But I guess it is pretty obvious what we were doing. I would like to say to the readers not to try this at home. I don't know if I am very persuasive, since I did it myself.
Interviewer: Uh huh.. Sorry folks but it’s time for us to go and I thank you again for your time with me Ms Coda, but I do have a last question before we go. “I have a hard on, so can you suck me off?”
Risa: (Laughs) No.
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